7475 (Quad Bistable Transparent Latch)


The 74HC75 have four bistable latches. The two latches are simultaneously controlled by one of two active HIGH enable inputs (LE1-2 and LE3-4). When LEn-n is HIGH, the data enters the latches and appears at the nQ outputs. The nQ outputs follow the data inputs (nD) as long as LEn-n is HIGH (transparent). The data on the nD inputs one set-up time prior to the HIGH-to-LOW transition of the LEn-n will be stored in the latches. The latched outputs remain stable as long as the LEn-n is LOW.


Logic Type: D-Type Transparent Latch.
Circuit: 2:2.
Output Type: Differential.
Voltage – Supply: 2V ~ 6V
Package / Case: 16-DIP