Aluminum Heatsink 40*32*17MM


Product Description:
Size: 40*32*17mm
Material: Aluminum
Color: White
Number of teeth: 8
Teeth thickness: 0.8mm

1. This aluminum heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers heat generated by an electronic or mechanical device, allowing the device’s temperature to be regulated at optimum levels. In computers, a heat sink is used to cool CPUs or graphics processors.
2. This aluminum heat sink is made of high quality aluminum, which possesses good thermal conductivity. Designed to maximize its surface area in contact with cold air
3. The maximum surface area is designed in contact with the cooling air. PC fins increase board space and thus provide more heat transfer
4. Easy to install and easy to use. Put these cooling fins under the mobile device to cool them down
5. Aluminum heat sink is suitable for electronic, computer, electrical facilities, pigtail strong cooling effect

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