Coreless Motor 716 3V 7x16mm 50000RPM


A coreless motor is a type of DC motor, which has a specially wound armature instead of an armature wound on an iron core.
The latter is characterized by low noise, low resistance, high speed, and efficiency, lightweight, and easy to install.
Despite its small size, this coreless engine is very powerful.

Model: 716 coreless motor.
Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm.
Rod Length: 8.2 mm.
Motor Diameter: 7 mm.
Motor Length: 16.5mm.
Wire Connection (10cm): Red (Positive Pole), Blue (Negative Pole)
Voltage Range: 1V to 3.7V.
Current: 0.01 A.
Speed: 50000 RPM. (at 3.7V)
Silver Color.
Material: plastic and metal.