LCD 4X16 Green (TOPWAY)


Model LMB164ADC
Display format 16×4
LCD type STN-Gray
Backlight YG
Voltage 5,0 Volts
Interface Parallel
Controller S6A0069
Dimensions Width x Height 87,0 x 60,0 mm
Dimensions – Fixing Width x Height 82,0 x 55,0 mm
Dimensions – Screen Width x Height 61,7 x 25,2 mm
Dimensions – Character Width x Height 3,55 x 5,35 mm

Pin No /pin name/ I/o Descriptions:
1 VSS Power Power supply, Ground (0V)
2 VDD Power Positive power supply
3 V0 Power LCD contrast reference supply
4 RS Input Register Select:
RS =HIGH: transferring display data
RS =LOW: transferring instruction data
5 R/W Input Read / Write Control bus:
R/ =HIGH: Read mode selected
R/W=LOW: Write mode selected
6 E Input Data Enable
7 DB0 I/O Bi-directional tri-state Data bus:
In 8 bit mode, DB0 ~ DB7 are in use
In 4bit mode, DB4 ~ DB7 are in use, DB0~DB3 leave open:
14 DB7
15 BLK Power Backlight negative supply
16 BLA power Backlight positive supply


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