Organizer-15 200x100x30mm ASR-2094


Beta Organizer-15 200x100x30mm ASR-2094
Product Features
Made of plastic
It can be used safely in any place with its flexible and robust structure.
It will easily accommodate screws, bits, washers, threads or jewelry, as well as small tools or fishing accessories.
It is transparent
Closure type: 2 strong snaps
Number of compartments: 15
The partitions inside the box are removable and you can adjust them to the size you want.
Product Technical Details
Product Brand : AsrınPlastik-SuperBag
Product Model : ASR-2094
Quantity in Carton : 48 Pcs
Product Type : Tool Bag
Product Raw Material: Plastic
Type of compartments: Removable
Single compartment dimensions:
15 x (2.8 x 3.7 x 3.3cm)
Product Dimensions: 20x10x3cm
Usage Area: Home, Workshop, Office, Hunting, Hobby etc.