Portable Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine with Shell For 18650 Lithium Battery Nickel Sheet


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– Aviation aluminum alloy shell is drop-resistant, ensuring safety. Surface anodic oxidation process, the shell is beautiful and wear-resistant.
– It is easy to remove welding pen for easy carrying. Gold-plated terminals have a long service life. Anti-oxidation welding pens are easy to disassemble and install, and easy to carry.
– Compact size makes carrying easier. The size is similar to the size of a cell phone.
– Universal Micro USB charging port is compatible with mobile phone charger. 5V 1A input. It can be fully charged in 4 hours.
– Gold-plated solder pen terminal features low internal resistance and oxidation resistance. Red copper pen holder, copper oxide aluminum welding pin, using cold pressing process.
– With ultra-low internal resistance, 2mm thickened pure copper over-current bars increase over-current capacity.
– Imported MOS tube. A single continuous current is 300A. The designed maximum current is 1200A.
– High efficiency power. The internal resistance of two power supplies in parallel is less than 0.9mΩ, and the discharge current is greater than 639A.

– Item Name: Portable welding machine
– Output Voltage: 4.2V max.
– Output Current: 639A max.
– Welding Thickness: 0.1-0.12 mm
– Capacity: 4300mAh
– Designed Current: 1200A max.
– Input Port: Micro USB
– Input Parameter: 5V 1A
– Recommended Thickness of Nickel Sheet: 0.1-0.12mm


– Suitable for cylindrical lithium batteries such as 18650, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries. They can be welded firmly.
– Spot welding is not available for other aluminum and copper tab batteries such as soft pack batteries. Ultrasonic or laser welding is required.
– Welding of iron, steel and stainless steel with thickness less than 0.12mm to other iron, steel and stainless steel materials. For reference only, the actual welding effect cannot be guaranteed.

Package Included:
– 1 x Spot Welder with Welding Pens

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