precision 12v – 450ma 5w power supply Regulator Module /AC 220 Rpm 12V


The power supply isolation type industrial grade power supply module, with temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit protection, high and low voltage isolation, AC85V-265V wide input voltage, AC DC dual-purpose, 431 Precision Voltage DC12V output, ultra small size, high reliability, price higher characteristics.

Input voltage AC 85 ~ 50/60HZ 265V or DC100V-370V

Output voltage DC12V (+ 0.1V)

Output current 450mA

Power ratio 5W

Product size

Volume: long and wide high 3*2*1.8 (CM)

4 installation method

A, the input and output pins mounted directly on PCB welding

B, glue fixed

5 input and output identification map

6 reliability requirements

Environment 25 degrees C, 80% load cases, the average time to failure is greater than 16000 hours

7 packaging, storage and transportation requirements

Single board bubble bag packaging, batch carton packaging, stored in the air dry indoor environment, to avoid damp


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