SMA Bulkhead Jack to IPX4 Coaxial Extension Cable



  • Connector 1: U.fl (IPX-4)
  • Connector 2: SMA Female or Male Straight
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Conductor material: copper (not alloy)
  • Gold-plated connector for durability and frequent disconnection
  • Cable type: IPX 1.13mm
  • High-Performance Low Profile Braided Cable With Flexibility
  • This kit allows you to add high-gain external antennas to many wireless routers that usually don’t support removable antennas
  • In most cases, just open the router, locate the connectors, connect the threads, and drill holes in the outer housing for the external connector and installation
  • Fits all mini PCIe cards with Hirose Ufl or Ipex connector, such as IPX Bulkhead PCI Apple Airport Extreme Netgear WN2500RP WNR834B v1 v2 WNDR4300 N600 N750 N900 Linksys EA2700 EA6500 EA6700 EA4500 EA6400 E2000 WRT610N W3320NDR4500N R30004 W3000N and so on
  • This RF adapter cable is very useful for anyone who does RF work. Oftentimes, small electronics save space by having a selectable u.FL connector (also called uFL, IPEX, IPAX, IPX, MHF, AM). But most antennas have SMA or LH connectors on them. This little cable will bridge two.


Impendence 50 ohms
1 . connector SMA Female or Male Straight
2 . connector IPX-4 /U.FL Connector
Cable type 1.13
cable length 20cm
Frequency range Continuous / stream 3 GHz
Operating temperature 45°C-85°C

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