TFT LCD Display Module SPI Interface 1.8 Inch 128*160


Description :
1.8 Inch TFT LCD Display Module SPI Interface 128 x 160 with 4 IO uses 4-wire SPI to communicate and has its own pixel-addressable frame buffer, it can be used with every kind of microcontroller. Even a very small one with low memory and few pins available!

The 1.8″ display has 128×160 colour pixels. Unlike the low-cost “Nokia 6110” and similar LCD displays, which are CSTN type and thus have poor colour and slow refresh, this display is a true TFT! The TFT driver (ST7735) can display a full 18-bit colour (262,144 shades!).

The breakout has the TFT display soldered on (it uses a delicate flex-circuit connector) as well as an ultra-low-dropout 3.3V regulator and a 3/5V level shifter so you can use it with 3.3V or 5V power and logic. We also had a little space so we placed a microSD card holder so you can easily load full-colour bitmaps from a FAT16/FAT32 formatted microSD card.

Features :
  • 1.8-inch serial SPI colour display module
  • Support analogue SPI and hardware SPI
  • The LCD has a wide viewing angle, the contrast is also very suitable.
  • Easy to expand the experiment with an SD card slot
    Number Pin Label Description
    1 VCC 5V/3.3V power input
    2 GND Ground
    3 CS LCD chip select signal, low level enable
    4 RESET LCD reset signal, low level reset
    5 A0 LCD register / data selection signal,high level: register, low level: data
    6 SDA SPI bus write data signal
    7 SCK SPI bus clock signal
    8 LED Backlight control, high level lighting,if not controlled, connect 3.3V always bright
    Screen Size 1.8(inch)
    Type TFT
    Driver IC ST7735
    Resolution 128*160 (Pixel)
    Module Interface 4-wire SPI interface
    Active Area (AA area) 28.03×35.04(mm)
    Module PCB Size 34.5×58.0(mm)
    Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
    Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
    VCC power voltage 3.3V~5V
    Logic IO port voltage 3.3V(TTL)