18650 Battery Spot Welder DIY Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine Mini Size For Domestic Repairs


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1. Press and hold the spot welder for 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound once, then it can be turned on/off. Low power consumption hardware and software design. The measured current is a few uA after shutting down, so there is no need to worry that the spot welder will be used up after a long time, which will affect the life of the power supply.
2. Short press the button to increase the gear by one. The gear level can be memorized when it turns on again. Total six gears cycle.
3. The spot welding machine can automatically detect welding pens. Trigger after touching nickel plate for 0.8s, no manual / foot trigger or interval trigger at all. First-class operation experience.
4. The special power management and software design of the welding machine, the welding process is not reset, and the gear is not returned to zero. When the power changes, the solder joint may become weak, and the user can increase the gear at this time. It is recommended to charge as soon as possible.
5. When charging, the power light reminds in the form of breathing light, and the light is always on when it is full. To prevent accidents during charging, the welding function is not available during charging.
6. Comes with charging management control module. It can be charged through the mobile phone charging head (5V, output current is at least 1A), equipped with a USB charging cable.
7. Comes with 50C discharge high rate power supply. After fully charged, the machine can weld hundreds of solder joints for common nickel-plated sheets within 0.1mm-0.15mm.

– Version: 3.7V / 5.5AH
– Pulse Time: six gears adjustable (1-6-1 gear cycle; 6-gear the maximum)
– Trigger Delay: 0.8 seconds
– Charger: 5V. Current is greater than 1A

Package Included:
– 1 x Spot Welder with Welding Pens
– 1 x Cable
– 2 x Heat Shrinkable Tubes

Using Instruction:

1. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, the buzzer will beep once, it turns on/off.
2. Short press the button, the buzzer sounds once, and the gear position can be changed. Each press adds one gear, 1-6-1 cycle. Six-gear has the strongest welding strength. Observe the light after pressing the button. The flashing times of the light indicate the gear number. It will automatically store the gear when shutting down. The gear will be saved by default the next time it is turned on.
3. After pressing the welding pen, the buzzer sounds. Wait for about 1 second to trigger welding.
4. When charging, the button light is reminded in the form of breathing light, and the light is always on after being charged. Welding function is not available while charging.
5. If it does not work after a period of time, it may be because the electricity is too low, causing the MCU not to work, the charging lamp does not turn on, and the welder does not turn on. After charging for half an hour, the working state can be restored when the voltage rises.

Welding Test:
First, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. After hearing the buzzer sound, turn on the power. There are a total of 6 gears, 1-6-1 gear cycle. Short press the button when it is power-on, you will hear the buzzer sound, it is added with one gear. Power light flashes to display gears. The times it flashes is the related gear levels. In order to be accurate, after pressing the button, wait for the next flashing interval to start counting.

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