2N7000 N-Channel Small Signal 60V, 200mA



  • Small signal N-Channel MOSFET
  • Drain-Source Voltage (VDS) is 60V
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 200mA
  • Pulsed Drain Current (ID-peak) is 500mA
  • Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 3V
  • Gate-Source Voltage is (VGS) is ±20V
  • Turn ON and Turn off time is 10ns each.

Where to use 2N7000:

2N7000 is a small signal N-channel MOSFET. MOSFET’s are power electronic switches just like transistors, but with a higher current and voltage rating.  The 2N7000 MOSFET can be used to switch loads which operates on less than 60V (VDS) and 200mA (ID). This mosfet comes in a compact TO-92 package and has a threshold voltage of 3V, hence if you looking for a small mosfet to switch a load then this IC could suit your purpose.

2N7000 Pinout

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