12V DC Gear Motor 50rpm/min 25Kg.cm


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Geared DC motors can be defined as an extension of DC motor. A geared DC Motor has a gear assembly attached to the motor. The speed of the motor is counted in terms of rotations of the shaft per minute and is termed as RPM . The gear assembly helps in increasing the torque and reducing the speed. Using the correct combination of gears in a gear motor, its speed can be reduced to any desirable figure. This concept where gears reduce the speed of the vehicle but increase its torque is known as gear reduction.


  • Operating voltage: between 6 V and 18 V
  • Nominal voltage: 12 V
  • Free-run speed at 12 V: 50 RPM
  • Free-run current at 12 V: 50 mA
  • Stall current at 12 V: 1200 mA
  • Stall torque at 12 V: 25 kg.cm
  • Gear ratio: 1:171
  • Reductor size: 25 mm

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