Force Sensitive Resistor Sensor Square 1g to 2kg


Force sensor FSR-406 – 2kg square 38mm

Force sensor changes its resistance when the force applied to the square tip, increases. The sensor in the form of a rectangle with side of 38 mm.

The sensor reduces its resistancewhen the force applied to the round of the tip, increases. Due to this phenomenon, and the use of microcontroller with analog to digital converter, you can build a sensor that measures the force. The measurement can be displayed, for example, onthe LCD display.

In the absence of the force affecting on sensor, the resistance is about 1MΩ. Position of 20-gram subject led to lower resistance up to 50kΩ. During an intense sensor’s button pressing, device showed 200Ω.

Specification of FSR-406 force sensor

External dimensions: 43,7 x 43,7 x 0.5 mm
Model: FSR-406
Range: from 0.2 N to 20 N
Weight: 1.2 g