Indicator Light Voltmeter AD101-22VMS 220v AC


1. Model:
AD101-22VMS indicator light (pilot light) Voltmeter

2. Features:
Lens Material: PC;
Lighting Source:  LED;
Color of lamps: R-red, Y-yellow, B-blue, G-green;
Volt.: 20V–500V;
Color of Lens: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Nature of supply: AC ;
Rated Temp : T90;
Life of continuous working: Typically over 30,000 hours. The end of life for a lamp is not usually a sudden failure;
Certification: ISO9001,  VDENEC,  CE, EMC, CQC, CCC,ROHS;
Reasonable price and efficient services.

3. Main technical parameters
Environmental Temperature: -25+55;
Working under vibration frequency 2-80Hz,acceleration at 0.7g;
Relative Air Humidity: ≤98%;
Pollution rank is three grade and installation category is III;
Protection Degree: Head IP65(OEM could be IP67);
Voltage of working frequency: 2.5kV (AC valid value), 1min;
Leakage Index: CT1≥100;
Frequency: AC 50-60Hz

Type  Indicator Lights voltmeter
Input Voltage 20-500V
Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green 
Diameter 22mm
Life ≥30,000h
Brightness ≥60cd/Square Meters
Lamp Body Material Plastic
Beam Angle 360°
Colors Red /Green /Yellow /Blue
Certifications Certifications ISO9001, CE, CQC, ROHS, etc.



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